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Welcome to this new strand of Pilates Place's online offering during the coronavirus lockdown.

We are working to provide online support for your wellbeing, including embracing other aspects of health - not just physical, but mental and spiritual too.

Start with the "Clangers" below for general goals for everyday.

Inspired by initiatives like Hugh McMillan's "A Plague of Poetry", we are soliciting your contributions to our "Pilates + Poetry = Peace". Click "Poetry" button, right, to find out more.



Plumo has a nice line in protective masks, made of linen. Their website states:

"With every sale, we are donating to the Masks 4 Heroes campaign providing PPE to NHS frontline staff."

These masks were recommended by a Pilates Place member.

"Clangers" for all-round good health

This pandemic has demonstrated that wellness is more than our physical health. We can do simple things to safeguard and improve our wellbeing.


"One way to remember them is the acronym CLANGERS, which depicts 8 daily vitamins (and joys) of health.

Try to do your CLANGERS every day, as part of a regular routine:

  • Connect

  • Learn

  • (be) Active

  • Notice

  • Give back

  • Eat well

  • Relax

  • Sleep"

As developed and recommended by Dr Phil Hammond based on this research by the New Economics Foundation.

Also read: "Five Ways to Wellbeing" adapted for the lockdown.