Week 8 Banner.png

Office Desk Spine Realign - with Emma

23 minutes​

Upper back, shoulder and hip flexor mobility & stretch particularly for you if you are sitting at a desk all day.

Recorded on Monday 4th May

Challenging Mat (plus cat) - with Emma

24 minutes​

Flowing from one movement to the next, no lower options offered. Suitable for those who are strong and practice Pilates regularly.

Recorded on Monday 4th May

Release and Relieve Low Back Pain NOW! with Bev

39 minutes​

Low back pain relief exercises, engaging the muscles of the trunk.

Recorded on Wednesday 6th May

Let's Free Up the Shoulders!  with Bev

35 minutes​

Focus is on the shoulders and arms, to improve mobility and strength. (Option to use a flex band and small hand weights if you have them.)

Recorded on Wednesday 6th May