Week 6.png

Up Your Game Using a Pilates Ring - with Emma

26 minutes​

Exercising using the Pilates ring adds extra resistance to your workout.So that see results quicker!

Recorded on Tuesday 21st April

Intermediate Full Body Workout - with Emma

26 minutes​

Take your practise up to the next level using the whole body.

Recorded on Tuesday 21st April

Lovely Arms with Bev

28 minutes​

Working the triceps and biceps using a flex band and a small hand weight, e.g. a water bottle or can of baked beans.

Added on Thursday 23rd April

How to Plank, with Bev

29 minutes​

Master the plank (with options to modify) and build core strength!

Added on Thursday 23rd April

Mindful Pilates with Peta

30 minutes​

Stretch your body and rest your mind.

Recorded on Friday 24th April