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22 June and after...

Relieve shoulder and neck tension with Bev

41 minutes​


Great band-work exercises to help with stretching and strengthening the arms and shoulders.

Recorded on Monday 22nd June


Finding space with Emma

29 minutes​

Finding space in the body and opening it out...

Recorded Tuesday 23rd June

Emma in studio.png

Open Up the Hips with Bev

41 minutes​

Using a ball, or rolled up towel Bev will take you through a range of exercises to help open the hips and fire-up the glutes.

Recorded Tuesday 23rd June


Barre Pilates with Peta

30 minutes​

Standing and seated Pilates. You will not need a mat for this class, but you will need a sturdy chair with a back to it and a soft ball or cushion.

Recorded Tuesday 1st December

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