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Toned Arms and Shoulders with Bev

33 minutes​

Bev shows how to improve shoulder mobility and strength using the band.

Uploaded on Thursday 4th June


Isolation and Flow with Emma

25 minutes​

A wonderfully invigorating class to mobilise and work the whole body.

Uploaded on Thursday 4th June

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Week 14 Banner.png

Lengthen and Strengthen with Emma

28 minutes​


Pilates exercises build long strong muscles that work to provide core stability and joint mobility.

Recorded on Monday 15th June

Emma in studio.png

Do you suffer with stiff hips?with Bev

34 minutes​

This workout will help you to release and stretch stiff hips. If you are sitting most of the day, you'll definitely benefit from these exercises!

Recorded Wednesday 17th June

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