Week 10 Banner.png

"Waist Sculpting" Exercises with Bev

32 minutes​

Concentrate on the obliques, part of the core stabilising muscles.

Uploaded on Monday 18th May

Working the Abs for a Flat Stomach - with Emma

24 minutes​

Focus on the core muscles to flatten and strengthen the stomach muscles.

Uploaded on Tuesday 19th May

Take the Plank Challenge! - with Emma

24 minutes​

The Plank challenge. A full 30 minutes of planking! Forward, side, front, and back - definitely a challenge, but fun too!

Uploaded on Tuesday 19th May

Shapely legs and bottom! - with Bev

28 minutes​

Toning exercises for the legs and glutes, to shape and strengthen the muscles.

Uploaded on Thursday 21st May

Reduce low back pain now! with Bev

28 minutes​

Exercise focus is on releasing the muscle tension in the lower back and improving core strength.

Uploaded on Thursday 21st May