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How to get the most out of our Online Pilates Classes

Tip #1: Get the kit

In this video, Peta introduces some of the equipment you will benefit from while participating in our online Pilates classes.

If you haven't got a Pilates mat, it would be best to get one.

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Tip #2: Make room

Make sure you have enough space in the area where you set up your Pilates mat.

Lie on your mat, on your back, and swing your arms and legs in a starfish shape. If you can do so without hitting any furniture, children, pets, walls, or spouses, then you have enough room for Pilates!

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
At home practice.jpg

Tip #3: Set up your device

You need to position your phone, tablet, or laptop with the camera facing you, so that your instructor can see you while you work on your Pilates mat.

As a rule of thumb, try setting your device on a low table about 1 metre away from your mat.

Tip #4: Mute your microphone

After saying hello to your instructor and classmates, it's a good idea to mute your microphone (use the button in the bottom left of the Zoom meeting interface).

Zoom automatically detects the person speaking and displays them the screen. We want our instructor to be the one everyone's looking at, so help us by turning off your mic.

Mute your Mike.png

Tip #5: Warm up


Our online classes are only 30 minutes long. To help us make the most of the class and avoid injuries, do a gentle 3-minute warm-up before the class starts.

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