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Reformer Pilates Classes

What is the Reformer?

To the untrained eye it might look like an instrument of torture, but please don't feel intimidated by it! The Reformer is a versatile item of Pilates studio equipment - in fact, it's essential for studio Pilates.

Despite all those handles and straps, the Reformer isn't a very complicated beast. It's just a sliding carriage on a frame, attached to springs and pulleys. Reformer Pilates exercises are gentle but challenging, as you move the carriage against the resistance of the springs.

Who are classes suitable for?

Reformer Pilates is suitable for everyone. We require all new clients to come for induction, to prepare you for your first class and show you how to use the Reformer safely. 

If you are concerned about a particular health issue, or you have been advised by your doctor to be cautious about exercise, you may wish to have an Initial Assessment first.

We have 4 styles of classes currently running on our timetable.


Express  45 minute class suitable for all levels

Key 60 minute class beginner level

Energy   60 minute class intermediate level

Go 60 minute class intermediate/advance level

30 minute induction -  £25

We require all new clients to come in prior to their first class for a 30 minute induction.  Work 1 to 1 with our instructors to try the reformer and go over any questions you may have. This is also a great opportunity to talk about our classes and which one might work best for you. 

When you buy your first block of classes your induction cost will be taken off the total. 

Introduction to Reformer Pilates Course £60 pp

4 week course for those who wish to start Reformer Pilates

In the course we will cover:
- fundamental reformer pilates exercises
- how the reformer works
- basic health and safety
- how your body works with the reformer 
- any modifications you may need individually. 


This course is ideal if you are looking to start reformer and want to get the most out of your classes. Following the course you can then go into our classes or choose some private lessons. 

Next courses

Course 1  fully booked

Tuesday 10th January 17:45pm
Tuesday 17th January 17:45pm
Tuesday 24th January 17:45pm
Tuesday 31st January 17:45pm

Course 2 fully booked

Thursday 12th January 10am
Thursday 19th January 10am
Thursday 26th January 10am
Thursday 2nd February 10am


Please get in touch for waitlist, or to join our other beginners classes.

This course is non refundable. Classes are not interchangeable. Clients must complete health questionaire before commencing this course.


Spaces are limited so secure your space now before they go.

Reformer pilates class stratford upon avon.png

Timetable 2022


09:15-10:00 "Express" with Laura
12:00-13:00 "Energy" with Emma


09:15-10:00 "Express" with Laura
17:45-18:30 "Introduction to reformer course"  with Laura
18:30-19:30 "Energy" with Laura


09:15-10:00 "Express" with Dom
17:15-18:00 "Express" with Dom
18:00-19:00 "Go" with Jo


09:00-10:00 "Express" with Laura
10:00-09:45 "Introduction to reformer course"  with Laura
17:30-18:30 "Key" with Jo
18:30-19:30 "Energy" with Jo


13:00-14:00 "Go" with Emma


09:30-10:15 "Express" with Jo/Veronica
10:30-11:15 "Express" with Jo/Veronica


Class Passes

6 x Express Classes £99
6 x "Key", "Energy", "Go" classes £132
1 x 30 minute induction  £25

Subscribe and Save!

Basic Reformer Subscription
4 classes per month £75

Standard Reformer Subscription
8 classes per month £132

Premium Reformer Subscription
12 classes per month £202

A monthly rolling subscription. Cancel at anytime. Classes can not be rolled to the next month.

^Price change commencing May1st 2022

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