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Our top tips to help you get as much as possible from our live-streamed Pilates classes

Our new online service to support your mental and emotional wellbeing during the lockdown. Includes "Poetry + Pilates".

Bender Balls, mats, rings, bands, socks, and rollers available to order now

Never used Zoom before? Click here to follow our foolproof 'how-to' guide for joining our live-streamed Pilates classes.

Client Testimonial

I am so enjoying Peta’s online offering during lockdown. The 30-minute classes are part of the structure of the day, provide a great wake-up for my otherwise reluctant body, and leave me with a sense of achievement. I’ve never done Pilates before but Peta’s very clear, calm, and often hilarious instructions make it very easy to get into the swing. ... I’m certainly noticing an increase in strength and flexibility ...

Great opportunity, Peta - thanks!

- Angela

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In this video, Peta introduces some of the equipment you will benefit from while participating in our online Pilates classes.

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Information for Members

Live-streamed online Pilates classes

To keep us all going through this challenging time, we're offering live-streamed online Pilates classes for you to participate in from the comfort of your own home.

What about my membership?
Your MyTime membership now gives you access to regular live-streamed mat classes, as well as pre-recorded classes, which you can watch at your convenience.

We will give you a 50% discount off your current membership and will extend this discount for two months after the studios have reopened. You do not need to do anything as we will automatically set up the discount on your account.


If you are a current MyTime member and you have not received an email explaining this, please contact us now.


Information for non- members
If you're not a MyTime member you can buy access to join our online Pilates classes for just £20 per month.

What do I get?
We are offering a regular timetable of live-streamed classes that you can join from home using your laptop, phone, or tablet. You also get unlimited access to recordings of all these classes to follow (or repeat) at your convenience.
When are the classes?
View our online timetable here.

Buy your 1-Month Online Pilates Pass now and get immediate access. We can also supply Pilates mats and other handy items to enhance your at-home Pilates practice.