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Meet the Pilates Place Team

Qualifications: Pilates Matwork Diploma, Studio Equipment, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, GP Exercise on Referral, Pilates for Osteoporosis, Emergency First Aid, Small Apparatus: Bands, Balls, Rollers, Rings, Arc Barrel, Stability Ball, Theraballs and Weighted Balls. Teacher trainer and assessor for YMCA Awards Diploma in Matwork Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, and GP Exercise on Referral.

Special Pilates Interest: Peta is particularly interested in working with people with challenging physical problems and witnessing the amazing results that working on Pilates equipment can make to improve quality of life.

Other interests: Exploring and expanding my Pilates knowledge. Film, theatre (particularly the RSC), and eating out!

Date joined Pilates Place: Founded in 2004

Pilates Place Founder & Director

Studio Teacher

Peta Davies
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Laura Cooper

Studio manager and Pilates Teacher

Qualifications: L3 Mat Pilates, Barre, Reformer Pilates, First Aid at Work, Pre and Post-Natal and Exercise on GP Referral certificates.

Special Pilates interest: From a young age movement has always been a passion of mine. After leaving school I trained and worked as a professional dancer, working internationally for ten years.

Other interests: In my spare time I enjoy going to the theatre, yoga and going for walks.

Date joined Pilates Place: November 2020

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Dominic Abernethy

Studio & Mat Pilates Teacher

Qualifications: Pilates Matwork Diploma, Advanced Fitness Instructor, Low Back Pain Management Specialist (L4) Exercise on Referral, small apparatus.

Special Pilates interest: Form and focus of movement, muscle isolation and flow of exercises.

Other interests: Snowboarding, Body-weight training, motorbikes, classical music

Date joined Pilates Place: October 2009


Emma Boswell

Studio Pilates Teacher

Qualifications: Pilates Matwork Diploma, Studio Equipment, Small Aparatus (Ball, Magic Circles, Resistance Bands and Rollers), Barre Pilates and High Intensity Power Pilates.

Special Pilates interest: I am particularly interested in using Pilates to improve sporting performance and minimise the risk of injury. I work with young athletes to improve their posture, strength, mobility and flexibility to help them achieve their best in their chosen sports. I also love teaching the Classical Pilates method on the mat and reformer. Pilates can be used by everyone to improve their quality of life at any age and any level.of fitness and that is what I love most about it.

Other interests: I love keeping fit and enjoy training with weights and body weight,  yoga, and walking alongside Pilates. I also have a keen interest in nutrition and am studying for a Diploma in culinary medicine.

Date joined Pilates Place: February 2016

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Joanna Myślicka

Studio & Mat Pilates Teacher

I love practising Pilates and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others to feel fitter, healthier, and happier. The benefits of Pilates are amazing!
I have been practicing Pilates since an early age, firstly as part of my training at the National Ballet School in Warsaw and then through my own personal practice and enjoyment. Having qualified as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and Pilates Instructor in my early 20’s I have worked hard to gain a wealth of experience in teaching both classical Pilates and Dance to adults, children, and teenagers. As well as qualifying in Mat work Pilates I have also trained in the large Pilates Studio Equipment including the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Cadillac. I particularly enjoy working with clients as part of their rehabilitation programmes and feel so rewarded when I see their progress and recovery. My Pilates training is on-going, and my goal is to learn something new every day.

I grew up in Poland and have also lived and danced professionally in Spain. I spent 5 years studying French and Spanish language and culture.

My hobbies include taking part in a range of sports including running, cycling, paddleboarding, roller blading and badminton. I love the outdoors so enjoy, camping, gardening and travel as well as reading for relaxation and to widen my knowledge. I have a keen interest in massage, meditation, yoga, and Chinese medicine too, but of course my real
love is Pilates.


April Kent

Studio & Mat Pilates Teacher

Qualifications:  Level 3 mat pilates, studio equipment pilates, Les mills body balance, restorative yoga, indoor cycling, Metafit, Kettlebell conditioning, Barre pilates, Pre and post natal, Core strengthening, Body conditioning, Level 3 personal trainer.

Special Pilates interest: It is a truly rewarding feeling to support and encourage others on their fitness journeys. I qualified 4 years ago, as a fitness instructor and I haven't looked back. Always learning, always challenging myself to become a better instructor for the benefits of my clients.

Date joined Pilates Place: November 2020


Veronica Guernieri

Studio & Mat Pilates Teacher

Veronica is a professional with more than 2 decades dedicated to studying and practising body movement. Her passion and curiosity led her to explore and practice, from an early age, a diversity of methods and types of classes such as ballet modern, contemporary dance, capoeira, and martial arts. In 1999, her mother introduced her to Yoga, and she fell in love with this holistic and profound practice, one year later, she’d completed her first Yoga teacher training (500h). Was during her degree in Sports Science, in 2003, that she encountered Pilates for the first time, at Rodrigo Mayer's Studio, one of Romana Kryzanowska's disciples. Since then, she never had stopped training and studying, the Pilates method. In 2011, she received her first Comprehensive Pilates certification from Power Pilates® and later qualify as a Polestar®Pilates Matwork. Currently, she’s finishing her second comprehensive Pilates course from Polestar® teacher training, and also diving deep into the study of fascia and Myofascial Chains with Fernando Queipo, at Kinesica, Madrid and Nutrition Therapy (Nutriheal).
Her mission is to guide her students to a place where they fully understand and embrace their bodies and they may take that input with them and into their lives, freedom the movement in a functional and intelligent manner.

Date joined Pilates Place: January 2022

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Rosalind Hoyes

Studio & Mat Pilates Teacher

Since qualifying with Body Control Pilates in 2004, Rosalind has taught in a variety of situations. After running a studio in Northamptonshire for many years, she now teaches private clients, runs workshops and leads Pilates Holidays. 
Rosalind gained a teaching certification in ‘Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction’ with Bangor University. She brings elements of this philosophy into all areas of her teaching practice.

Date joined Pilates Place: October 2022

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