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3 Pilates Place members using Reformers in our Stratford Studio

Induction Sessions for Reformer Beginners

What is an Induction Session?

At Pilates Place, our personal Induction Sessions are for all new customers with no previous experience on Reformers.

Induction Sessions are offered to familiarise you with our Reformers, and give our teachers a chance to get to know your needs.


Your Induction Session is a great chance for you to ask any burning questions, so you can come to your first class raring to go.

... and did we mention, it's free !

What is a Reformer?

The Reformer (pictured above) is a large piece of equipment with a sliding seat attached to springs and pulleys.


It's not really difficult to use, and you will always be guided by one of our expert teachers during our Group Reformer Classes.


However, it can take some getting used to and there are basic safety issues to go over.

For obvious reasons, it helps to go over these basics before your first class.

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