Pilates Place in Lockdown

January 2021


The studio has been closed since Thursday 31 December for the duration of the new Tier 4 restrictions in Warwickshire, and then from 4th January 2021 for the new national lockdown.

What this means for you

> MyTime members

Your subscription will be discounted by 50%, and you will have access to our online service of unlimited Live-Streamed Classes and the pre-recorded videos in our library. If you have any questions about your membership, please email enquiry@pilatesplace.org

> Reformer class members and 1-to1 Pilates members

If you have paid for Reformer classes or studio Pilates sessions that you have not used, we will ensure that these are credited to your account for you to use when we reopen.

We encourage you to keep up your Pilates practice by joining our Live-Streamed Classes for just £20 per month.

> New customers

We welcome new customers to our Live-Streamed Classes during this difficult time. Subscribe for £20 per month and join the Pilates Place family.

> Current subscribers

If you already have a monthly subscription for our live-streamed classes, nothing will change. We look forward to seeing you in our online classes as usual.

Live-Streamed Mat Pilates Classes

  • £20 by monthly subscription

  • No contract - Cancel any time

  • Join unlimited live-streamed classes via Zoom

  • Access to our video library of classes to follow in your own time

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