Barre Pilates Classes

CLASSES START on Thursday 15th July 2021


Barre Pilates combines the very best of a ballet barre workout, with all the technique and principles of Pilates. These two disciplines work beautifully together, because they share so much in practice. Both focus on alignment, posture, control, and breathing whilst performing each exercise with precision.

Barre Pilates — as the name suggests — uses the support of a barre. Traditionally associated with a ballet workout, the barre is used slightly differently in Barre Pilates. We use it for balancing whilst standing on one leg, and for stretching the muscles of the body in creative and fun ways.

‘It takes Pilates to a whole new place that is challenging but enjoyable too.’ - Peta Davies

To join us, simply click the link below to buy your 6x Barre Pilates package now. Then book your classes!