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  • Claim your class credits

  • Book a class

  • Register for an account


For returning Reformer Class members

Step 1.

From your email click the link provided.

Reformer Classes step 1.png

Step 2a.

You will see this page. Enter your info and scroll down ...

Reformer Classes step 2.png

Step 2b.

You will see your personal class credits with a cost of £0.00.

Click the box to agree to our T&Cs and click "Complete Order".

Reformer Classes step 3.png

Step 3a.

You're halfway there! You have redeemed your class credits.

Now need to scroll down...

Reformer Classes step 4.png

Step 3b.

...and click "Schedule" to book a Reformer Class.

Reformer Classes step 5.png

Step 4.

Now choose a class to book from the list.

(You will notice the maximum capacity for each Reformer Class has been reduced to 5 as a health measure.)

Click "Sign up"

Reformer Classes step 6.png

Step 5.

If you have not previously set up your account in our new booking system, you will need to enter your personal details and answer our Health Questionnaire.

If you have already set up your account: log in before you book your Reformer Classes.

Reformer Classes step 7.png

Step 6.

After filling the form, click the "Complete Booking" button.

Reformer Classes step 8.png

Step 7.

Now you have booked but please remember to register!

Click "Register for an Account"

This will save your personal info and connect it to your email address and your payment information in our system.

Reformer Classes step 9.png

Step 8.

Enter your email address and set a password.

Click "Sign Up"

Reformer Classes step 10.png

Step 9.

If you have successfully registered, a green section will now appear at the top of the page.

There, you will see the upcoming classes you just booked.

Remember to log out when you have finished.

Registering, 1st time IMG 10.png

Find out more about booking using our new system ...

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